gpkcs11 - Further development

Stuff that Sourceforge asked me to do:

1. A link to the projects group page on SourceForge.
Ok, gpkcs11 is a project to implement PKCS#11, a standard for accessing cryptographics tokens.

4.A link to the CVS web interface
This is here. The source code is the result of some month of fulltime work. So it is probably one of the few links here that are really worthwile. B-)
5.Some info about using CVS specific to your project.
Hmmmm..., well there is nothing special as of now. just get the stuff:
 export CVS_RSH=ssh 
 cvs -d checkout gpkcs11
it might be worth mentioning that the actual code is in a subdirectory, so that multiple modules may be separated at a later stage, the first of which is this website.

Building the code

To create all parts of gpkcs11 you also need the following:

Further Infos

Below you will find additional Websites that contain inforamtion on the subject of PKCS#11 and its usage in Applications.

Mozilla PKCS#11 Conformance Testing
More information about testing the conformance of an PKCS#11 implementation. No longer behind the iron curtain of US export controls, but in source code and freely availiable.
To load the completed PKCS#11 Modul into the Communicator, the easiest way is to do an installation using SmartInstall. Prerequisite is the signing of a Java Archives (jar) with signtool
Using JAR the Installation Manager to Install a PKCS #11 Cryptographic Module
This document explains in detail how to install a Module in Netscape Communicator. A demonstrations script is included with the gpkcs11 archiv.

Lutz Behnke